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How can I get involved?
You can become a member via the University of Exeter Students’ Guild Website.  Once you’ve done this you’ll get regular emails from us advertising opportunities to act, present or crew as well as when our socials and training workshops are on. You can also join our Facebook group where we post all the information that we email out.

Where is XTV based?
Upstairs in Devonshire House (number 2 on the Campus Map), in the Media Suite.

Do I need to know anything before I sign up for a shoot?
No.  Most of our members have no prior experience in film or television.

Can I still get involved during term 2 or 3 if I was too busy term 1?
Yes.  You can join in whenever you want.  Many of our members, including some committee, joined in term 2 or 3.

Everyone seems to know each other, will I be welcome?
XTV shoots and socials are very relaxed and friendly – we’re all there to have fun filming stuff! We welcome everyone, regardless of experience.

What do I get for my membership fee?
Your membership fee gives you access to all the opportunities that XTV advertises as well as any equipment or training that you need.

How much does XTV membership cost?

Who do I pitch my idea to?
If you would like to pitch an idea, send an email to, no matter how complete it is! Alternatively, you can directly email for a creative idea, such as a short film, for a factual idea like a documentary, or if you’d like to do a feature.

Are there limits to what I can make?
Although we are obviously limited to the equipment and technology we have, we encourage people to be as creative as they like! We will not allow discriminatory content or content that encourages hatred, however.

Does XTV do live broadcasts?
Yes! Every year we do HalloweenLive, streaming a variety of spooky shorts and factual pieces. It’s a load of fun and a really great way to learn about livestreaming. There’s roles for everybody! We often livestream the Students’ Guild Elections, and in the past we’ve live-streamed important talks, events and sports’ matches. In 2013 we hosted the NaSTA awards and our NaSTA40 awards broadcast reached just under 2000 people.

I am a little unsure about my ability to produce/direct/run a shoot. Is there anyone with some experience who can help me with the training wheels so I feel more comfortable, but still remain in control of my project?
Absolutely. We assign a committee member to all our shoots, to help and guide you as much or as little as you need. We’d also encourage you to chat with the committee and other experienced members about any problems you might have. We’re all very friendly – everyone starts somewhere!

Will there be opportunities to learn and develop new skills related to the film and television industries? What will I learn?
Yes.  We run regular training workshops in everything relating to film making and TV (camera work, editing, filming, sound, live broadcasting, presenting, acting for camera, etc…). Next year we’ll be experimenting with writing workshops too! We invite XTV alumni working in the industry to come and give talks, too.

Is this FAQ completely comprehensive, or am I going to have to accept that it’s better to just try and talk to people?
Yeah, pretty comprehensive. But it’s probably best to come in and make friends!


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