Hello and welcome to XTV! We are Exeter University’s one and only student television station. We film a huge variety of content throughout the year. Short films, comedy sketches, documentaries, coverage of local and national events, news shows, interviews, music videos, seasonal live streams: you name it, we’ve shot it!

If you’ve always been interested in filmmaking but had no idea where to start, XTV might be for you. We offer members: 

  • The opportunity to learn essential filmmaking skills through on-set experience and practical training workshops
  • Access to talks and workshops from industry professionals
  • Access to high-tech equipment and editing software
  • The opportunity to create original content regardless of previous experience, with as much help and advice as you need

To check out our content, head to our YouTube or our Facebook.

If you’re an Exeter student who’d like to join XTV, you can purchase a membership here.

We are open to commission requests; if you’d like to commission some of our members check out our commission info here.